Architectural visualizations, renderings of buildings, settlements, interiors

Welcome to the site of Atlantis Arts Studio

The studio was founded in 2004 by Sebastian Smolak and is located in Europe - Poland. From the very beginning the main goal is to create uncompromising quality graphics and 3D animations.
Over the years, improved and refined workshop allows us to meet the most demanding projects. We being involved in the complex projects in Poland and around the world. We can boast of a extensive experience and individual approach to the client's requirements.
Studio specializes in production of high quality architectural visualizations, architectural renderings which really stand photorealism, richness of detail and a flourish which they are created.

Atlantis Arts Studio performs :

- architectural rendering of objects, buildings and interiors
- 3D rendering of landscapes, land developments, vegetation
- 3D animations and virtual tours ( including realistic human animations )
- 3D modeling of the architectural, industrial, technical and organic objects
- design and 3D rendering of interiors
- 3D rendering of cross sections, projections and architectural plans
- video and sound montage
- matte painting

Still images and animations are created with the latest technology and software.

We use following techniques in the production :

– shadow study allows precisely reproduce the distribution of shadows in a certain

time of year and location on Earth
– matte painting and 2D montage - techniques for precise and realistic integration of

3D graphics with still images and their complex editing
– creation of accurate 3D models based on the plans, sketches together with the

smallest detail
– realistic and physically correct materials
– realistic lighting, fully integrated with the environment and atmosphere that is

affected by time of day and weather conditions
– three-dimensional, detailed, rich vegetation - a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers,

grasses that can be covered with snow or made in the autumn scenery too
– technique that allows the use of unlimited number of vegetation, cars and other

objects - thousands of trees, hundreds of buildings in the highest quality while

maintaining their uniqueness
– simulation of the real camera : depth of field, motion blur, advanced image filters
– Images are prepared for large print formats like roll-ups and several meters

– the ability to generate movies in a wide variety of formats and media - ranging from

the typical animation to display on the computer screen, projectors, DVD,

TV (including full HD) and cinema resolutions

Our clients are developers, architects, real estate

resellers and individual persons

You are kindly invited to start cooperation with us !